In default setting DE-TRONIC records pressure drop, temperature 1 and 4, RPM, turbo pressure, engine operation time, exhaust gas flow, Soot Load Index and Thermal Counter with date and time stamp. The recording rate is 1 Hertz in the fast recircling memory and 5 minutes in the slow recircling memory. The selection of parameters and frequencies can be extended, according to the application and requirement via the lap top interface.

Depending on the number of parameters and frequency selected for storage, the recording period can vary from 1 week to 5 years. In default setting the memory records data for approximately 3000 operational engine hours.

DE-TRONIC stores this information in 3 flash memories
• fast recircling memory
• slow recircling memory
• error memory.

When errors occur DE-TRONIC copies data from the fast recircling memory to the error memory. In default setting the minute before and the minute after the error occurred will be copied. The error memory is not recircling. A specific error code will be generated when the memory has reached its maximum capacity.

Dashboard Indicator

A dashboard indicator with an integrated push button displaying the Soot Load Index of the filter (SLI) and error codes is used.

• Compact
• Easy to install
• Flush fitting
• Intuitive
• Alarm
• OBD + visual and audible alarms
• Maintenance interval notification